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Honeit’s award-winning interview communication platform streamlines scheduling, note-taking, submissions, and feedback to engage, evaluate, and hire the right talent faster.

“We saved $300,000 in our first 6 weeks using Honeit Software.”

Stephen Owens

VP, Talent Acquisition, Protective

“Honeit Software is a game-changer for our recruiters and clients.”

Angie Verros

CEO, Vaia Talent

“Honeit helps us interrupt unconscious interview bias.”

Andres Traslavina

Head of Executive Recruiting, Whole Foods Market

“Honeit is the one recruiting tool that I can’t live without.”

Eleni Breaux

Sales Recruiter, Sprinklr

Now We're Talking!

Automate note-taking, elevate submissions and accelerate offers.

Talk Sooner

Call candidates directly and automate interview scheduling with a unified communication platform that includes Phone, Video, VoIP, SMS & Phone Numbers.

Live Interview Dashboard

Interview Better

Ask the best questions and perform expert interviews while Honeit records, transcribes, summarizes, indexes, tags, and parses interview answers.

Evaluate Easier

Easily showcase soft skills, technical skills, and domain knowledge through interactive candidate presentations and unbiased interview intelligence.

Recruiter Time Savings

Hire Faster

Consolidate your stack, boost recruiter productivity, reduce interview steps, impress candidates and delight hiring managers. Try our Honeit ROI Calculator.

Trusted by Recruiters and Talent Partners

Executive Recruiters and Talent Partners say, “Honeit is a Game-Changer.

Simplify Your Technology Stack

Finally, recruiters can streamline the entire candidate screening and submission workflow with one link,

Automate Scheduling

Just paste a Honeit link into email signatures, InMails, and email message templates to automate scheduling and rescheduling.

AI Note-Taking

Focus on rapport while Honeit automatically records, transcribes, indexes, summarizes, and parses key interview answers.

Interactive Submissions

Instead of typing notes and write-ups, showcase soft skills and hard skills with real-time interview answers and call highlights.

Comprehensive Screening

Now, all recruiters can conduct comprehensive interviews and ask behavioral, technical, and core value questions during the first call.

Faster Consensus

Accelerate consensus, capture feedback, and reduce interview steps with real-time interview data for better, faster, and fairer hiring.

Easy Integration

Paste a Honeit link anywhere in your workflow. Easily download or export interview intelligence via secure links, ATS integrations, or API.

Meaningful Conversations

In the age of AI, human conversations are essential for trust and authenticity.

Intake Calls

Ensure clear alignment and communication from the beginning of the hiring process.

interview data

Screening & Interviews

Enjoy your calls, focus on rapport, and showcase Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

Reference Calls

Talk to candidates, clients, and references anywhere, in 26 languages.

interview data

Enhance Submissions

Showcase multiple candidates and multiple conversations in a fair, structured, and transparent process.

interview data

Reduce Bias

The Bias Button removes names, photos, and personal info to reduce interview bias (DEIB) and candidate marketing (MPC).

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Mobility & Exit Interviews

Talk to your employees about their interests and career goals – before it’s too late.

Empower Your Recruiters

Honeit combines high-touch with high-tech to improve the recruiter experience.

"Honeit is a Game-Changer"