A Conversation with Timothy Visconti

In a recent discussion with Timothy Visconti, founder of PeopleLift, a talent consultancy based in Atlanta, we delved into the evolving dynamics of recruitment and trust. With Honeit at the forefront of their technology stack alongside JazzHR, PeopleLift witnessed an unprecedented growth of 375% in 2020, showcasing resilience and adaptability during the pandemic’s peak. Our conversation initially touched on various subjects but inevitably circled back to the critical element of trust in the recruitment process.

Visconti shed light on the perspective of operations managers in industrial and manufacturing sectors. Traditionally seen as the ultimate decision-makers in hiring, these professionals prioritize efficiency, directness, and a no-nonsense approach, mirroring the principles of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. However, there’s a noticeable rift in the relationship between HR and operations, with the latter often viewing HR roles as purely transactional, lacking in strategic business value.

This disconnect fosters an environment of mistrust, significantly hampering the hiring process. With operations managers preferring a swift and cost-effective hiring cycle, the prevailing skepticism only inflates hiring costs and delays decision-making, far from the ideal efficiency-driven approach these managers advocate for.

The core of the matter lies in the nature of trust—undeniably human and cultivated through genuine interaction, time, and mutual effort. Herein lies the question: Can a software service (SaaS) bridge this gap?


Fostering Trust Through Innovation

The crux of the issue with recruiters is a gap in understanding the nuances of the roles they’re hiring for. Honeit addresses this concern head-on by providing a platform where interviews are not only recorded but can be meticulously analyzed, offering “game tape” for interviews. This feature allows operations managers to:

  • Efficiently review specific segments of an interview, saving precious time.
  • Assess the questioning techniques and strategies of recruiters, enhancing the quality of interviews.
  • Compare different recruiting approaches, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Minimize biases by focusing on the content of conversations rather than the candidates’ presentation.

Such capabilities empower operations managers to engage more productively with recruiters, thereby establishing trust and streamlining the recruitment process. Honeit, despite its simplicity, becomes an invaluable tool in aligning recruiters and operations managers, ensuring both parties work from a shared understanding.



Beyond Technology: Building Human Connections

While Honeit significantly contributes to enhancing trust through technological means, it’s clear that technology alone cannot replace the intrinsic human need for connection and trust. However, by facilitating transparency and collaboration, tools like Honeit play a pivotal role in enriching professional relationships.

As we move forward, revisiting the essence of trust in recruitment becomes imperative. Honeit exemplifies how, even in an increasingly digital world, the fundamentals of trust and personal interaction remain central to professional success. Through continued innovation and a commitment to understanding, we pave the way for a more trusting and efficient recruitment landscape.