We’re thrilled to give more recruiters and talent acquisition partners the gift of time in 2024.

When your recruiters schedule easier, talk sooner, screen smarter, submit faster, and accelerate feedback from hiring managers, you gain a competitive recruiting advantage to hire the best candidates faster. We’ve built the first real-time candidate screening platform to improve every step of the candidate screening and submission process to empower your recruiters and talent partners and give them hours each day back.

Try our Honeit Time-Savings Calculator below to get a quote for Honeit’s time and cost savings for your organization. Please note this simple calculator does not include the additional time savings Honeit offers hiring managers, interview teams, and executive stakeholders beyond the recruiter time savings.

Our real-time candidate screening and interview technology automates scheduling, note-taking, call summaries, and candidate write-ups to improve the recruiter experience and streamline the hiring process by sharing real-time interview data for instant interview collaboration. In addition to recruiter time savings, we capture the following metrics to optimize your workflow and find the bottlenecks in your candidate screening and submission process.

  • Time to Source
  • Time to Schedule
  • Time to Screen
  • Time to Submit
  • Time to Feedback

But the most valuable time savings and ROI is to busy hiring managers, interview panelists, and executive stakeholders. Honeit enables instant interview collaboration to accelerate offers, reduce interview steps, and remove weeks from the screening, interviewing, and hiring process.

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