This Honeit podcast features Lisa Keigley, the Founder and CEO of Five Star Recruiting, discussing her journey into the recruitment industry and the innovative practices at her recruiting firm. Starting with her background in engineering and sales, Lisa transitioned into recruitment, eventually starting her own company. Five Star Recruiting differentiates itself by adopting a client-focused approach, effectively becoming an extension of its talent acquisition teams.

Key takeaways from the podcast include:

Launching a Recruiting Firm: Lisa shared her professional shift from engineering to recruitment and the spontaneous start of her recruitment firm, which quickly grew from a one-person operation to a larger team due to increasing demand.

Client-Centric Model: Lisa emphasized their unique model of being deeply integrated with their client’s operations, tailoring their services to fit various roles requested by clients, initially focusing on engineering and expanding as needed.

Innovative Talent Screening: The firm utilizes a candidate screening and submission tool that enhances candidate assessment by capturing and sharing detailed insights about candidates’ soft and hard skills with clients, improving the accuracy of matches and efficiency of the recruitment process.

Enhanced Candidate Presentations: Honeit enables detailed assessments of candidates’ hard and soft skills, allowing recruiters to better match candidates to the company culture and the specific dynamics of the team.

Authentic Human Communication: With Honeit, the recruitment team can share insights about candidates with hiring managers efficiently, allowing them to hear candidates’ responses directly, which helps in making faster and more informed hiring decisions.

Growth and Development: The discussion also covered the firm’s organic growth, adaptability during economic fluctuations, and strategic focus on expanding into new industries and markets.

Future Outlook: Lisa intends to continue leveraging technology like Honeit to enhance recruitment processes and expand the firm’s client base, ensuring its growth and sustainability in a competitive market.