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Transform everyday HR conversations into actionable data for strategic decision-making.


Our Solutions

Honeit streamlines HR processes, enhances communication, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. From screening calls to exit interviews, Honeit empowers HR teams to collect real data, promote fairness, and provide legal protection from potential disputes. 


✔️ Internal Mobility Interviews
✔️ Exit Interviews
Outplacement Services
✔️ Hiring Manager Training
✔️ DEI Strategies
✔️ Talent Development Strategies

Internal Mobility Interviews

Do your employees have hidden super powers? 🦸🏼‍♀️

Are they happy where they are? 😐

Can you upskill them into different roles? ⬆️

The only way to find out is with great conversations. 🗣️

Enter mobility interviews: real data to empower truly impactful internal talent transformation. 🪴

✔️Increase your employee engagement
✔️Discover hidden talents
✔️Create mobility instead of resorting to layoffs during tough times


Exit Interviews

Exit interviews represent a powerful tool for organizations to retain their best employees and drive continuous improvement. By actively seeking feedback from departing employees, companies gain valuable insights into the employee experience, organizational strengths, and areas for development.


✔️ Insight into Employee Needs
✔️ Improving the Employee Experience
✔️ Identifying Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses
✔️ Enhancing Talent Management
✔️ Retention Strategies
✔️ Improving Leadership and Management
✔️ Career Pathing and Growth Opportunities
✔️ Enhancing Company Culture


How we work

Powered by our award-winning technology and industry expertise, we conduct meaningful conversations, capture key insights and share real-time data so that you to focus on your core business with confidence.

Talk 🗣️

Let Honeit handle the scheduling and communication with your employees. Our skilled team conducts insightful conversations to extract actionable intelligence for your organization.

Capture 💾

Our conversations capture insights into the employee experience, transforming interviews into actionable insights to help you make informed organizational decisions.

Share 🔗

We facilitate instant collaboration through our unique process, allowing effortless sharing of real-time data with stakeholders for strategic decision-making.

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Read more about the ways Honeit is revolutionizing the way we recruit, hire and retain top talent.

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