Phone Interview Innovation for PR & Journalism

Easily record, transcribe and share live phone interview answers. Search quotes and enable collaborative reporting.

Natural Phone Interviews

Natural two-way phone interviews with subjects or sources. Subjects simply call a phone number.

Record Live Answers

Ask impromptu questions or use structured interview scripts. Record customer answers/responses in real-time.

Save and Share Insights

After the call, easily save or share audio highlights for collaborative decisions and reduce misinterpretation or bias.

Introducing Data-Driven Interview Communication

Our initial conversations with job candidates are the most important step of the hiring process. However, phone interviews are still “off-line” and the live interview data and candidate insights are lost forever. Share unbiased interview insights to improve communication and make better decisions, faster.

Live Interview Dashboard

Our real-time interview dashboard is synchronized with your phone or VoIP conversation. Leverage custom interview scripts to keep your customer interviews consistent and never forget a question. Capture audio answers, time stamp keywords and type notes throughout the call. We record the entire conversation in addition to providing a rich new data layer.

Phone Interview Data & Insights

After the interview, review or edit recorded answers, time stamps and interview notes. Easily share highlights, compare or aggregate interview insights for reporting and analysis. Go beyond quotes and include live audio excerpts in reports, papers and presentations.

Share Quotes and Highlights

Easily share customer interview insights, audio excerpts and data from live customer phone interviews. Compare multiple customers, identify themes and trends for better reporting and analysis, without common misinterpretation & bias.

Phone Interview Innovation

We’ve built HONEiT from the ground up to work with your existing ATS and CRM.