Honeit Testimonials

Executive Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Partners, and RPO teams say, “Honeit is a Game-Changer.”


“Honeit has been a game-changer in our recruiting efforts.”

Best of all, our clients love it! Before Honeit we were sending very long candidate summaries to our clients. Now, we’re able to send snippets of the conversations, along with their CV, and LinkedIn in one place. It gives a better glimpse into the candidate and is a great solution to streamlining the process. I highly recommend Honeit!

Valeria Aguerri

Founder & CEO, HireBoost

“Honeit will change your recruiting life.”

Honeit is one of the top recruiting tools on the market. The tool itself is simple and lightweight requiring virtually no integration which works well with our technology stack. How Honeit will change your life…

– No more volleying for screen call times
– You’ll be sending actionable data to your hiring managers
– You get a bonus database of voice calls you search
– Recruiters are armed with interview guides and don’t have to be experts in the fields they are working in.
– Every screen call any recruiter ever does lives with your organization
– The BIG bonus to this is we don’t take notes anymore!

Jay Curry

Head of Talent, Hyliion

“Honeit is my favorite new recruiting tool.”

Mike "Batman" Cohen

Recruiting Expert, Wayne Technologies

“Honeit is the one recruiting tool I can’t live without.”

Honeit has truly transformed the way I get to engage with candidates and I can’t recommend it enough! Honeit is the one recruiting tool I can’t live without and it makes my life SO much easier as a recruiter. Where do I begin with all the benefits of Honeit?

Easy Scheduling – you can link your calendar and have candidates book directly with you (with all their details in one place, location, the role we are chatting about, resume). It sends auto reminders via text/email to both you and the candidate – LOVE THIS!

Screening – it allows me to have more of a natural and engaging conversation so I can focus on actively listening to them rather than trying to type up/memorize notes.

Presenting candidates – easily share call highlights with the hiring manager on SLACK, in your ATS, or via text.

Eleni Breaux

Senior Recruiter, Sprinklr

I can’t say enough good things about Honeit!

Honeit has been such an amazing tool in helping the candidate screening process move seamlessly and quickly. I can share my Honeit link and the candidate can schedule on their own. You avoid the back and forth of finding time to connect. It records everything for you and you can share that information directly with the hiring team as snippets which has helped us move the interview process along much faster. Not to mention the search feature that is available makes it easy to look back at prior calls by skill set/name. I can’t say enough good things about this tool! 

Jamie Byble

Senior Recruiter, Kimberly-Clark

“Interview intelligence is the future of hiring.”

Recruiting is the most important muscle a company needs to develop if they want to win in today’s dynamic digital economy. Every company is looking for a competitive advantage in how they hire top talent and Honeit not only delivers a big advantage, but it also enables companies to be more strategic, efficient and effective in their recruiting flow. I could not be more excited to be part of this team.

Steve Cadigan

Former Chief HR Officer, LinkedIn

“Honeit interrupts unconscious bias.”

Honeit is a reliable tool to support decision making and influence Sr. leaders. When the focus is on the content and what the candidate said, Honeit helps interrupt unconscious bias and helps recruiters set up a process to hire the best person for the role. As a byproduct, Hiring Leaders will end up with a diverse hire pool.

Andres Traslavina

Head of Executive Search, Whole Foods

“Honeit cut our hiring process in half.”

I love Honeit! This is hands down the best new recruiting tool I’ve come across in years.

We started using the software for highly technical positions where the recruiters did not have a great understanding of the highly technical aspects of the position. It was so easy for the recruiter to ask the technical question as given to us by the manager and send the answer to me for thumbs up or thumbs down. It really saved a lot of time and for a recruiter’s learning curve for a new type of position. When in doubt, I would send it to my hiring manager and get immediate feedback on the quality of the answer. We cut the process in half by getting quicker feedback and setting up interviews much faster.

I recently placed two pharmaceutical scientists with over 50K in fees, and I don’t even work in pharmaceuticals!  I still don’t understand what they do. But with Honeit, I was able to bring both parties together seamlessly with great confidence. No one knew I had never worked with Pharmaceutical Scientists before. I then started recording the Hiring Managers describing the position and before the interview send to the candidate to hear the details of the position in the hiring managers’ words.

Because a new client was so impressed with the presentation Honeit made he recommended me to his colleague and we secured another engaged search from a different division.  Its presentation is very professional and easier than video and has made a big impact on my clients and candidates.

I even started using it for a pre-screen interview with my new recruiters. My HR manager does a short Honeit on pre-interview questions and sends to me I screen on voice quality and salary and location. We can hear how they sound on the phone and presentation.  Now I’m checking references with Honeit for new recruiters and will start on candidates as well.

Karen Sturgeon

Executive Recruiter for Polymer Technology, KLA Recruiting

“Interview highlights save time!”

The biggest benefit is the time saved. No more scrambling for an entire team to be available to interview or pulling people from an important project. The interview highlights can be reviewed on the hiring managers time. This also saves time on the recruiter side. No more taking notes hoping that you got the right answer. You are getting the details straight from the horses mouth!

Jackye Clayton

Editor at RecruitingTools.com and Recruiting Advisor

“Honeit gives our recruiting firm a competitive advantage.”

My biggest concern about doing a review for Honeit is that it gives away what my clients view as a competitive advantage of doing business with my firm!

David Krysh

Managing Partner, Growth Factor Group

“Conversations are essential to recruiting and hiring.”

Conversations are essential to recruiting. Anything that takes us away from personal conversations with candidates and clients is actually detrimental to our business.

James Shellhammer

Recruiting Expert and Training Consultant

“Honeit gives recruiters superpowers.”

Recruiters, make your candidate presentation stand out to Hiring Managers! Showcase candidates better and build credibility with decision makers. Honeit makes it easy and more efficient for Hiring Managers to hear relevant answers to questions they desire to ask without having to commit time and energy to schedule a phone interview. Generate excitement for your candidates and get hiring managers excited to meet them! Don’t just tell hiring managers about your candidates, SHOW them and Showcase them with Honeit!  A Powerful Tool! Have all your prescreen candidate conversations transcribed and searchable for future reference! Build rapport with candidate’s and focus on listening, responding, and engaging with them, rather than trying to write or type manual notes that are easily lost. The included calendar scheduling tool is better than other paid tools as well! Giving your Talent Acquisition team Honeit is like giving then Superpowers! Incredible Quality and ROI!

Mike Santoro

Engineering Recruiter, On-Board Engineering

“Honeit is the best recruiting innovation since the telephone!”

Phone interviews went from a stressful chore to a pleasure. Why? No more note-taking. No more lost answers or misinterpretations because I can’t recall what a candidate said. Now, I can relax and focus on a discussion with the candidate. My interview guide is built in to Honeit so I’m consistent and organized with my questions. The candidate’s answers are recorded, transcribed, and time-stamped for easy retrieval when I’m ready to submit a candidate to a client. Honeit is a Godsend for my sales recruiting firm.

Jim Caragher

President, CIB Group

“Honeit transformed the way we engage and present talent.”

Where do I start? There’s so many benefits to using Honeit for scheduling, screening and presenting talent. Honeit has transformed the way I engage and present talent to my clients. It has decreased time to fill, and in some cases eliminated the need for hiring managers to complete a phone interview in-between hiring steps. I now spend less time convincing hiring managers to consider a candidate based on my own intuition and more time engaging with candidates. Hiring managers agree and love hearing the talent speak for itself. You owe it to yourself, your hiring managers, and the talent to give it a try.

Jered Reeves

Talent Acquisition Lead, Newton Talent

“We’re better at hiring because of Honeit.”

Honeit has changed our interview process enormously, streamlining my process as the recruiter, and saving my hiring manager’s precious time when reviewing candidates. I love that I can go back and remind myself of certain responses if necessary and that we have a record of our calls if we need them. We’re more accurate and faster at hiring because of Honeit.
Allyson Hoffman

Talent Acquisition Manager, Compeat.com

“Honeit has changed my world. I LOVE Honeit.”

In my 20 years in Talent Acquisition I have seen a variety of great tools that have been introduced to help automate the recruiting process. As an internal corporate recruiter for large organizations, and running my own business I’ve tried many. And I have to say that Honeit stands out by far as my absolute favorite, it truly is a game changer, and my best investment. A brilliant concept that has completely altered the way I manage my day to day business. In my candidate outreach I can share a simple scheduling link, which I use globally for all my EMEA and Americas candidates, so that the candidate experience is super simple to book with me, even in other countries – time zone and dial-in options, and the ability to join through an online link makes it seamless for them. Links straight to my calendar, sending confirmations and reminders to the candidates and I, keeps me super organized, gives the candidate a great experience, and saves an incredible amount of admin time – I don’t have to do a thing! But that’s not even the best part, the platform itself is AMAZING in that both candidate and I can jump directly on the call and I can spend time engaging in our conversations, without the stress and distraction of having to take notes, or worry about missing anything or misunderstanding what they’re saying. Instead I can enjoy the dialog, knowing I can always go back and listen, which I do ALL the time, since it’s a searchable database of calls/contacts. I LOVE this! The other cool part is the ability to create custom interview guides. I’ve built a library for each role I’m hiring for, so I know where to probe on each call, never miss a question, stay on track, and can go back and hear the clips for each question, so super organized when you need to just go grab a snippet. And allows me to provide my hiring managers a customized summary geared towards their role. Honestly phone screens have always been a challenge for me, the time spent scheduling, the lost information trying to take notes on the call, the difficulty relaying info back to the hiring manager. But now I am SO efficient, SO thorough. I live in my Honeit dashboard, it shows me what requests are pending, what is scheduled, what’s complete, holds all my interview guides, and a full database of all my candidates, their contact info and resumes (which you can require them to include when scheduling with you, also a time saver) and all our conversations are in there to go back to as needed. My hiring managers are totally impressed that I can whip out this info in a few seconds about anyone in play, even if it’s been months! It’s a dream tool for me and has completely changed how I operate my recruiting business AND allows me to shine with my hiring managers and candidates. I LOVE Honeit – BEST tool for recruiters out there!

Karen Hagin

Talent Acquisition Leader, HireProHR.com

“Honeit makes my life easier!”

Honeit makes my life easier as a Recruiter, the answers of the candidates being recorded are a big help as the Hiring Managers can check their own how well the candidates responded to our pre-screen questions. The feedback received from the hiring team was great, they are not losing time on interviewing unsuitable candidates, and the app help a lot to focus on quality. Honeit is a must have recruiting tool!
Raluca-Elena Popa

Talent Acquisition Manager, EMEA, PubMatic

“Real-time recruitment communication”

Based on my 15+ years in the online tech space as a digital recruiter, entrepreneur & enterprise sales professional this is one of the most compelling recruiting tools I have seen in a very long-time. The Honeit platform solves the fundamental problem in the early stages of the interview process which is clear, consistent, communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Rich Klein

Regional Sales Manager, LinkedIn

“Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters.”

In my 20 years working in the online recruitment space, I’ve seen a lot of technologies come and go. The ones that are built by recruiters, for recruiters are the ones that stay around for the long haul. Nick and his team have built an exceptional product that deserves your attention if you’re looking to partner with a company that truly understand the challenges of recruiting.

Joel Cheesman

Host of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, Founder of Poach.ai, Ratedly.com

“Honeit is amazing for global recruiting!”

Honeit has made my job as a global recruiter extremely efficient and streamlined. Memorizing and note-taking on every detail of an interview can be difficult, and Honeit provides a safety net so that crucial information for advancing a candidate forward can never be lost. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to increase the efficiency and quality of their business.

Tracy Green

Technical Recruiting Lead, Atlas One & Kforce Staffing

“We saved $300,000 in our first 6 weeks using Honeit.”

Using Honeit, our team was able to handle a significant hiring spike and fill over 100 roles in 6 weeks without adding staff. Typically, we would’ve used an agency to help with the influx but doing it this way increased our speed and productivity saving us around $300k in recruitment agency fees. View the Honeit Case Study.

Stephen Owens

VP, Talent Acquisition

Honeit is the best thing that has happened to us. It’s a game changer for us and our clients. I don’t know how we did it before!

Angie Verros

Founder & CEO, Vaia Talent

“Honeit is my best-friend for candidate screening.”

Especially for roles that require very detailed and in-depth answers including technical skills – I can easily go back and listen to the audio to make sure I present a Candidate in the most accurate light possible. My Clients love Honeit because they can listen to selected answers of how Candidates articulate themselves. Easy to set up scripts, change/add during a screen and sending the audio link to the Client. Honeit has made my job more efficient and has helped me become a better Recruiter at Strategy Source.

Rich Farquhar

Executive Recruiter, Strategy Source

“Pure gold for remote recruiting.”

View Honeit Case Study. “It may seem impossible, but with Honeit’s world class NLP interviewing platform, we found a game changing technology that provides a unique ability to manage, monitor and coach my team from afar while knowing they are creating a red carpet candidate experience. Honeit is pure gold and is an integral part of our award winning talent stack.”
Timothy Visconti

CEO, PeopleLift

“Honeit is hands-down the best recruiting tool ever!”

Honeit is a game-changer, and by far the best tool I have used in 15 years of recruiting! This one tool touches everything from; automation & ease of scheduling, candidate engagement, searchable database, recorded calls & interview highlights, as well as; less note-taking and the ability to further engage in meaningful conversations. Honeit provides streamlined functionality for us on the back-end, as well as ease for candidates and hiring managers. The Honeit Team is absolutely amazing, and is always open for feedback and suggestions. They truly listen to the needs, adjust and deliver…every time!

Richeal Royal

Recruiting Lead, Accenture

“Honeit saves our Hiring Managers 6-12 hours per hire.”

Honeit saves our hiring managers 6-12 hours per hire, decreasing the time spent in onsite interviews and identifying great candidates whose resumes didn’t jump out of the stack. Offering quality audio recordings with a well-designed deliverable helped us differentiate our agency’s service and has our clients excited to receive the next candidate.

Chris Brantley

Finance and Operations

“Honeit is a game-changer”

In my 15 years of recruiting experience, I have not come across another technology that makes more of a positive impact than Honeit. My clients love listening to the candidate speak candidly about their background and skillset before scheduling the first interview. Simply put, Honeit is a recruitment game-changer!

Jeff Dean

Recruiting Director, The Lykor Group

“Deep insights for candidates and hiring managers”

Honeit has been a valuable tool for the Ambassador Search Group team because it allows deep insight for both candidates and hiring authorities. The candidates can listen to the hiring authority describe the position and likewise, the hiring authorities appreciate hearing answers right from the candidate’s perspective. The supportiveness and attention from Honeit support has been helpful and we have been impressed with Honeit’s functionality on the back-end. It is well designed and easy to adjust as conversations flow in their unpredictable ways. I expect we will work together for a long time.
TJ Kastning

President, Ambassador Search Group, Member of Sanford Rose Associates

“Honeit fits your workflow.”

“What’s great about Honeit interview software is that it doesn’t add another step to the recruitment process… it makes your current recruiting process better.”

Santino Marcozzi

VP, Talent Acquisition, Workday

“Save Hiring Managers Time!”

Honeit saves time and money by reducing steps and improving communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Mark Slippy

VP, Human Resources, TubeMogul (now Adobe)

“Win the race for top talent with Honeit!”

The war for talent requires that employers must use every available technology to assist them with making the hiring process as streamlined and meaningful as possible for the candidate AND the hiring managers within the organization. If companies aren’t becoming proficient and creative with their interviewing tools, they are not going to have access to the best talent available. Those that have the talent win.

Kitty Warren

VP Workforce Solutions at Manpower, Former Director at Adecco

“Simplify the hiring process with Honeit!”

Today’s challenge is when candidates are looking for a new role they are often inundated by numerous companies and it can be overwhelming. Multiple conversations, interviews, and meetings are the norm and they should not be. A simplified interview process such as this that gets straight to the answer of “yes lets hire them” should be the norm and with this software it is possible!

Derek Zeller

Technical Recruiting Lead at ComScore, Microsoft, Oracle, SAIC

“Delight your clients with Honeit!”

If you also struggle to make concise notes whilst speaking to people, and maybe lose track of what was said etc, then this tool can sort all that out for you. Just sit back, talk, ask questions and then when the calls over, go back through the recording and pick out the really good stuff, add a summary, include their CV and send to the client in one easy to use package.

Clients like it as they get to hear the sorts of questions you as the recruiter ask, and they also like it as the get to hear how the person sounds and comes across.

Not only that, the support you receive is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Darren Campbell

Director, UK Fire Security Recruitment